Dispelling Some Aliyah Myths

Myth: In order to succeed professionally in Israel, you must have fluent Hebrew. Not true. There are many options for English-language skills in Israel. Not to deny that Hebrew fluency is helpful. English Language + English Business Culture = Value in the Israeli Market Watch this webinar to learn about the exciting professional opportunities that... Continue Reading →

Israel–at the forefront of advancing nanotechnology

Israel is leading the world in developing nanotechnologies. Nanotechnology is the greatest technology revolution to arrive--something that will dramatically alter every facet of our lives. The most exciting potential for nanotechnologies, as revealed at this week's Nanotechnology Conference in Tel Aviv, is in medicine, where, in the future, a cancer patient can swallow a pill composed of nanites... Continue Reading →

Lockheed Martin is building up the Negev!

Lockheed Martin, a large and very well known defense contractor and aerospace giant, is adding itself to the growing list of American companies capitalizing on the rich talent and dedicated entrepreneurs residing here in Israel. Whatever your former talent, you are sure to find your place here in Eretz Israel. Check it out here. http://www.jewishpress.com/news/breaking-news/lockheed-to-build-development-center-in-negev/2013/06/05/  

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