REFLECTIONS ON BIRTHDAYS: True Celebration By Ariella Bracha Waldinger

Our birthday is the most spiritual day of the year. It is brimming with deep meaning and joy embedded in its essence. On the day of our birth, G-d was present as we emerged into His world. He blew into us the breath of life and fused our body with our soul, creating a timeless masterpiece of Divine artistry. He gifted us with a divine mission that no one else can fulfill.

Our mazal, (good fortune) is at full strength each year as our ” BIRTH DAY ” arrives and it is available to us to fully access. It greets us like a beautifully wrapped gift box waiting to be opened. Many of us have never learned about the power embedded in the day but it is highly auspicious to fully utilize this special time to our greatest advantage. It has been taught in the Torah that we have the unique ability to accomplish great things and bring blessings into the entire world on our birthdays if we strive to connect to our soul essence. It is a powerful time to re-commit to refining and defining ourselves and to create a deeper connection to G-d, our family and friends. It is a special time to express our gratitude to G-d for all the Blessings in our life. It is THE best time for celebrating the sacred gift of life and our uniqueness as a part of G-d’s world tapestry. Most of us believe it is a time to receive gifts and special treatment. This is a valid understanding and a longing especially among women but as I was privileged to discover, our actions and activities on our birthdays can give rise to spiritual pleasures greater than the actual presents we receive from friends and family.

On my 50th birthday, a holy Jewish woman gave me a precious gift of Torah truth that has enriched every birthday since then. She said birthdays are about the PRESENTS we give ourselves. The presents she spoke of were spiritual presents such as saying the Psalms written by King David, sharing words of Torah, doing deeds of kindness, giving charity, or hosting a community gathering . The most auspicious present we can give ourselves however is an experience out of the ordinary that creates and renews our spiritual connection to our essential self. That resonated with me and brought me the deepest joy and satisfaction. I now strive to imbue my day, the day I emerged into the Garden of Life, with loving touches to adorn my soul and beautify it. In that way, I show gratitude to G-d for the day He brought ME into His world.

As I have grown older, I recognize more than ever before that every aspect of our emergence into the world comes with a remarkable message of empowerment. I recognize that through the prism of our colorful life experiences are pathways to confer our special gifts onto the universe. We are empowered, through the spiritual channels embedded within our soul essence, with the ability to impact the entire world.

G-d wrapped our soul essence with the stunning bow of Torah, adorned us with the strands of multi-colored ribbons of Mitzvot, layered the beauty of Torah in the world like icing drenched delicacies of the finest flavor and saturated our soul with fragrant incense of devotional offerings. Can there be any greater present that this?

May The Holy One, Blessed be He keep you and your families in good health living lives rich in meaning. May He empower you with a full heart to release any inner blocks to your personal happiness. May He grant you healthy, happy relationships where Shalom Bayit reigns.

May Hashem enable you to create the values in your home that truly empower you to live life in a deeper, more meaningful and authentic way. May the deepest expression of your soul powers and tendencies become revealed as you experience this journey called life. May you imbue your days with laughter and joy and smile from the inside out and May you be successful and prosperous in all your endeavors.

May only goodness and kindness surround you. ALL the best, Ariella Bracha

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