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Aliyah on the Rise: Catch the “Soul Plane”

Global Aliyah Up 55 Percent, Due Largely to Increased Immigration from France, Ukraine Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel Natan Sharansky announced that global aliyah is up 55%, due largely to dramatic increases in immigration from France and Ukraine. Speaking at the opening plenary of the Jewish Agency Board of Governors’ June meetings in... Continue Reading →

Tenth Year Aliyah Anniversary Celebration

Tenth Year Aliyah Anniversary Celebration!, Joy of living life with our Holy nation Makes me feel so good inside, To know the place where I reside Is our Divine Inheritance. Anniversary celebration, Land of life and jubilation, Stirring movement of my soul, Enjoins me to become more whole In our Divine Inheritance. Rhythmic music stirs... Continue Reading →

The Jewish Climber’s Guide to Aliyah Success

THE JEWISH CLIMBER’S GUIDE TO ALIYAH SUCCESS AND THE BASICS OF MOUNTAIN CLIMBING SAFETY For the inexperienced climber, it is common to hire an experienced guide to insure safety and success in the venture. Choose your guide carefully and communicate your needs clearly.  Let them know your experience level and don't be afraid to admit... Continue Reading →

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