Aliyah: Returning to the Land of our Dreams

Returning to the Land of Israel By Ariella Bracha Waldinger Israel has always been the Land of our dreams. The intense love between the Jews and our homeland has permeated our prayers, our Torah, and our hearts for thousands of years. Love for the Land of Our Dreams Rabbi Bradley Artson in his dynamic article... Continue Reading →

Rejecting the Land of Israel by HaRav Kook

Rav Kook Torah Rejecting the Land of Israel "And [the spies] began to speak badly about the land that they had explored." (Num. 13:32) A dispirited discussion took place at Beit HaRav, Rav Kook's house in Jerusalem, not long after the end of World War II. The Chief Rabbi had passed away ten years earlier; now... Continue Reading →

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