Aliyah, Teshuva and Israelis: What do They Share in Common?

Aliyah, Teshuva and Israelis: What do They Share in Common? Aliyah, teshuva and Israelis: What do they share in common? They can be:  Stressful! Scary! Humbling! Frustrating! Challenging! Hard work! Anger-Inducing!  But ultimately all three can bring us into greatness if we open ourselves up to truth. When the initial shock of making Aliyah begins to... Continue Reading →

Coming Clean: the Teshuva of Yom Kippur

COMING CLEAN THE INSIDE OUT CLEANSING OF YOM KIPPUR By Ariella Bracha Waldinger Who doesn't love taking a long, soothing hot shower to clean away the dirt after a long day of work? The hot water has the ability to literally wash away the grit and grime allowing us to emerge feeling wholly cleansed and... Continue Reading →

The Pain and Pleasure of Teshuva

TOUCHING SPIRITUAL LIGHTNING: THE PAIN AND PLEASURE OF TESHUVA By Ariella Bracha Waldinger In our monthly Rosh Chodesh gathering of women at our home recently, the question was asked, "What is teshuvah?" In Jewish tradition, teshuva is translated as a return to the original state of balance in our relationship with HaShem and our fellow... Continue Reading →

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