Tu B’Shvat: Man as a Tree

Tu B’Shvat: Man as a Tree A tree of the field The Torah in Deut. 20:19 refers to Man as a “tree of the field.” Tu B’Shevat is the holiday of this dimension. The essence of Tu B’Shavat is related to the fruit trees in the Land of Israel because it was the specific calendar... Continue Reading →

The Tu B’shvt Seder: Insights into Living and Drawing down Blessings

The Tu B’shvt Seder: Insights into Living and Drawing down Blessings By Ariella Bracha Waldinger The festival of Tu B’Shvt, the “New Year of the Trees,” began at sundown on Tuesday, Feb. 3rd, 2015. The original purpose of Tu B’Shvt was solely related to the land of Israel and its laws of tithing fruit and orlah... Continue Reading →

Tu B’Shvat: a Celebration of Renewal

Tu B’Shvat: a Celebration of Renewal by Ariella Bracha History and Customs Yesterday, I was walking through the neighborhood noticing the trees and their magnificence, in spite of their state of barrenness. I love their majestic and upright stance and the variety and uniqueness of each individual tree. Their regal stateliness makes them a true... Continue Reading →

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