Dispelling Some Aliyah Myths

Myth: In order to succeed professionally in Israel, you must have fluent Hebrew. Not true. There are many options for English-language skills in Israel. Not to deny that Hebrew fluency is helpful. English Language + English Business Culture = Value in the Israeli Market Watch this webinar to learn about the exciting professional opportunities that... Continue Reading →

Living the Prophecy, What a Zechiyah!

This article first appeared on Avira D'Eretz Israel and is reprinted here with their permission. by Yiddy Lebovits, Romema, Yerushalayim I grew up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, and attended the Spinka and then the Satmar cheider there. While learning in Satmar, I learned first-hand their unbelievable quest to do chessed, collect tzedakah for others, and... Continue Reading →

Living in Israel: What is it really like? Part Two

Living in Israel: What is it really like? Part Two By Ariella Bracha Waldinger Recently, I have asked many friends who have made Aliyah over the years this question:” what was the most pleasantly surprising aspect of making Aliyah?” Without exception, 99% respond that the warmth, kindness, caring and helpfulness of the community shocked and surprised... Continue Reading →

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