Turning Inspiration Into Action

Turning Inspiration Into Action By Ariella Bracha Waldinger I always feel sad as the sun sets on the last day of Chanukah and I can no longer kindle the lights of my Chanukah candles. Waiting an entire year to perform the mitzvah again seems far away and yet in truth, I know a year passes... Continue Reading →

A Modern Chanukah Miracle

  A Modern Chanukah Miracle By Ariella Bracha Waldinger   Salvation on the Heels of Death One year ago, during the holy, joyous festival of Chanukah, that celebrates the epic miracles wrought by G-d on behalf of the Jewish people, death claimed the husband of a dear friend named Shoshana. Shoshana is a healer, a... Continue Reading →

Chanukah Lights by Miriam Shulamit Ribner

Chanukah Sameach! Miriam Shulamit (Melinda) Ribner is the founder and director of Kabbalah of The Heart and Beit Miriam www.beitmiriam.org. She is a leading pioneer in the field of Jewish meditation and the author of four books on: Jewish spirituality, meditation, healing and personality transformation. Her words bring into focus the depth of meaning embedded in... Continue Reading →

Zot Chanukah

Chanukah the Eighth Day: a Force to be reckoned with By Ariella Bracha Waldinger   The 8th day of Chanukah is almost upon us and it behooves us to glean a deeper understanding of its profound dimensions, in order to access its dynamic power. The 8th day of Chanukah is called Zot Chanukah and it... Continue Reading →

Chanukah: Eternal Story, Eternal Symbol

Chanukah: Eternal Story, Eternal Symbol By Ariella Bracha Waldinger The festival of Chanukah celebrates the heroic and miraculous victories of our Jewish heroes over the oppressive Greek Empire. It is the dynamic eternal symbol of the Jewish nation, as represented by the Hasmonean priests, fighting with all their might to restore the dignity and spiritual... Continue Reading →

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