Chanukah Sameach from Coming into the Light of Aliyah!

It is written that Chanukah is the only holiday that begins on the 25th of a month. We light the first ner of the menorah just as the moon is diminishing to its lowest level of light. Each night, as we light nerot, we bring more light into the darkness that is increasing due to the moon’s waning, until, by the end of Chanukah, the moon is hidden and it is our menorah, fully lit, that is dispelling the darkness. Then, just when Chanukah is over and we are no longer lighting the menorah, the moon is visible again, casting its light into the darkness. Think about this each night as your light the nerot of your menorah and how you are bringing light into the darkness.

Chanukah Sameach from Ariella Bracha and Gavriela Dvorah. We hope you enjoy these images and special Chanukah videos from Eretz HaKodesh, and will be happy to see you here very soon!!


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