Chanukah Lights by Miriam Shulamit Ribner

Chanukah Sameach! Miriam Shulamit (Melinda) Ribner is the founder and director of Kabbalah of The Heart and Beit Miriam She is a leading pioneer in the field of Jewish meditation and the author of four books on: Jewish spirituality, meditation, healing and personality transformation. Her words bring into focus the depth of meaning embedded in... Continue Reading →

Aliyah & Rosh HaShana: Their Commonalities and Connectors

Aliyah & Rosh HaShana: Their Commonalities and Connectors By Ariella Bracha Waldinger Every change in perspective creates a new beginning just as every new beginning creates a change of perspective. I love new beginnings and the feeling of a new start. I also appreciate and value a change in perspective, as new and relevant information... Continue Reading →

Zot Chanukah

Chanukah the Eighth Day: a Force to be reckoned with By Ariella Bracha Waldinger   The 8th day of Chanukah is almost upon us and it behooves us to glean a deeper understanding of its profound dimensions, in order to access its dynamic power. The 8th day of Chanukah is called Zot Chanukah and it... Continue Reading →

Savoring Sukkot in Israel

SAVORING SUKKOT IN ISRAEL By Ariella Bracha Waldinger Savoring the joy of Sukkot preparations and the entire holiday experience from start to finish is one of the greatest spiritual pleasures in the world, especially if one lives in Eretz HaKodesh. Celebrating Jewish holidays in the Diaspora is meaningful but it cannot compare to the depth... Continue Reading →

Elul: Spiritual Recovery and Rejuvenation

ELUL:THE PREEMINENT MONTH OF SPIRITUAL RECOVERY AND REJUVENATION By Ariella Bracha Waldinger The Hebrew month of Elul is an amazing time of new possibilities and new beginnings. It arrives at our metaphorical doorstep and greets us with a spiritual gift basket of goodies filled with deep meaning and significance enwrapped in its energetic force field.... Continue Reading →

Swimming in the Torah Channel Called Shavuot

SWIMMING IN THE TORAH CHANNEL CALLED SHAVUOT By Ariella Bracha Waldinger Breaking waves and currents of wondrous flowing water Spread out over the expanse of the world As the currents of the Torah of Shavuot begins to descend from the heavens. Its imminence permeates the world and saturates the air, sea and land, As it... Continue Reading →

Chol HaMoed Pesach in Israel, 2014

CHOL HAMOED PESACH IN ISRAEL; PARKS, PEOPLE AND PLEASURE by Ariella Bracha Waldinger My heart goes out to my fellow Jews around the world whose holiday lasted one day longer than the seven enjoyed by Jews in Israel. The additional day means more meals to cook, more food to eat, more work to do and... Continue Reading →

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