Swimming in the Torah Channel Called Shavuot


By Ariella Bracha Waldinger

Breaking waves and currents of wondrous flowing water

Spread out over the expanse of the world

As the currents of the Torah of Shavuot begins to descend from the heavens.

Its imminence permeates the world and saturates the air, sea and land,

As it swirls and twirls like a thermal cloud updraft or a raging river.

Its fragrant bouquet of truth permeates and perfumes the air and water with its continuous holy movement.

And I, like a small child reach up my hands to grab at the goodies of Torah delights.

I don my bathing suit to splash in the breaking waves of Torah knowledge.

I play in the water channels of its depth of interactive currents of wisdom knowing it is mine for the taking……My G-d given Divine birthright as a Jew…..a breathtaking gift from G-d.

I take delight in the calm part of the water as I interact with its ebb and flow at the seashore.

Then I lay stretched out upon a life raft of devotional offerings all meant to satisfy my soul. Open armed; ready, willing and able to receive the all of it,

I allow it to drench my soul like a warm, cascading waterfall of healing, cleansing, life-giving energy.

Receptive to its gift of light, love, peace, wholeness and harmony, I will it to grant me the ability to transcend my mundane existence.

I choose to adopt its life affirming guidelines for my life, consciously choosing to grab hold of the coattails of its permanence.

Then, wrapped in the torrents of G-dly truth, I affirm my acceptance. Na’ase v’nishmah! I allow my newly enhanced soul to catch the wind, and rise upwards like a hot air balloon filled with the life force of Torah acceptance.

And like a newborn soul savoring the nourishment from its mother, and recognizing her love,

I begin to understand that my acceptance has permitted me to tap into the Torah Channels of Shavuot,

I have mindfully honored the holiday with all its treasured gifts in a process of becoming whole and it feels extraordinary.


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