Reflections on Blessings and Nationhood: Parsha Vayakhel

Reflections on Blessings and Nationhood Parsha Vayakhel By Ariella Bracha Waldinger Yesterday was one year from the date I received my positive test results from a full body scan showing that there was no cancer present in my body. Additionally, one month ago my lung CT indicated all was fine in my lungs. Hodu l'HaShem! The kindness of G-d fills... Continue Reading →

The Spiritual Enrichment of Purim

The Spiritual Enrichment of Purim by Ariella Bracha Waldinger From start to finish, Purim is enriched with the highest grade of uranium rich spiritual plutonium, in order to intentionally create an enormous blast in the spiritual universe. It starts off with a day of fasting, called the “Fast of Esther” whose purity and purpose are designed... Continue Reading →

Chanukah: Eternal Story, Eternal Symbol

Chanukah: Eternal Story, Eternal Symbol By Ariella Bracha Waldinger The festival of Chanukah celebrates the heroic and miraculous victories of our Jewish heroes over the oppressive Greek Empire. It is the dynamic eternal symbol of the Jewish nation, as represented by the Hasmonean priests, fighting with all their might to restore the dignity and spiritual... Continue Reading →

The Dream Wedding

THE DREAM WEDDING Dreaming big from a Spiritual Perspective By Ariella Bracha Waldinger Who doesn't love dreaming big? Dreaming is something everyone does. I have heard it said, if you want to connect to the core of your being, you need to be a big dreamer, because dreams fill your soul and connect you to your inner self.... Continue Reading →

Lech Lecha: Receiving our Divine Inheritance

Lech Lecha:Receiving Our Divine Inheritance By Ariella Bracha Waldinger Lech Lecha is the quintessential Torah portion that teaches us that G-d established Eretz Yisrael as the eternal heritage of the Jewish people.  In fact, He required Avram and Sarai to leave the land of their birth, sever their ties, leave their loved ones and go to... Continue Reading →

The Miracle Couch

The Miracle Couch Lech Lecha: G-ds Involvement in all of life’s Details By Ariella Bracha Waldinger Many people believe in miracles but limit their belief to big ones, not ordinary everyday miracles. When you live in Israel, however, you see miracles every day, a constant affirmation of G-ds involvement in every aspect of our lives.... Continue Reading →

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