The Spiritual Enrichment of Purim

The Spiritual Enrichment of Purim

by Ariella Bracha Waldinger

From start to finish, Purim is enriched with the highest grade of uranium rich spiritual plutonium, in order to intentionally create an enormous blast in the spiritual universe.

It starts off with a day of fasting, called the “Fast of Esther” whose purity and purpose are designed to create a cohesive Jewish unity that has the power to give us extensive protection from our enemies, as well as overcome the dark forces of evil in the world.

During the fast itself, we pray and cry out to God to arouse his divine compassion in order to tap into the supernal influences of Queen Esther and Mordecai present in the day that brings salvation.

We prepare ourselves by taking stock of our own lives and doing teshuva, in order to enter into the power and deep meaning of the day with a clean vessel to receive the blessings that spill out.

imagesThe fast day ends by ushering us into the power packed emotionally charged reading of the historic story of intrigue, called the “Megillah,” whose essence reveals G-ds ability to completely turn around our lives even when all seems lost.

As the story unfolds, and salvation suddenly appears, laughter begins to emerge, coming from a deep place of relief that manifests when G-ds truths and loving care are revealed and Redemption occurs. Our confusion becomes conscious awareness and we laugh away our tears as G-ds kindness and divine providence are recognized.

images (1)Purim day dawns and we dress in costumes to add merriment to the day and deeper meaning to our experience. We once again hear the Megillah reading and clamor with our noisemakers to overcome and destroy the power of the enemy forces in the world represented by Haman.

Afterwards, having reaffirmed our acceptance of the Torah anew, we race around the town to deliver baskets of goodies to the community. Delight and joy are passengers in the car, as we randomly stop along the street to give to Jews we do not know.

We savor the opportunity to build unity in our beloved nation and bring smiles to our fellow Jews, because we have once again been reminded that we all share the same soul root and mission in life.

Returning home to prepare the sanctified meal of Purim while still in costume and with Purim music wafting through the speakers of the stereo in our home, we dance and sing as we prepare the feast in celebration of being saved from destruction.

images (2)We begin the meal intoxicated from the events and spiritual enrichment of the day. We sip wine from grapes grown and processed in the holy land and we drink in the depth of the meaning of the entire Purim story. We awaken both our physical and spiritual senses to the elements of holiness that are flowing through the wine and food thereby elevating and rectifying them.

We feast upon the bounty of the holy land including Shemmitah produce with unbounded joy as we contemplate the numerous reversals of fortune that have happened throughout Jewish history and through our own personal stories.

The spiritual enrichment of the day’s events from fasting to feasting emblazon our souls to end the year on a spiritually positive note in order to move forward to enter into the power and freedom awaiting us during the festival of Pesach.

We end the meal and the day releasing new hope and potential from our most inner point of being, as we soulfully comprehend that Purim gives us the true answer to all of our unknowingness regarding life itself: that there is only G-d Himself “EIN OD MILVADO” and we are His beloved children. G-DS everlasting covenant with the Jewish Nation cannot be broken!

My fellow Jews and dear friends, may the power embedded in Purim inflame your hearts to celebrate the holiday in the deepest way and connect you to your inner beauty, power and light. May it unleash your yearnings to come close to HaShem and our holy nation in a deeper way and may you accept the Torah anew with renewed joy and commitment. May HaShem awaken us from our slumber to become spiritually invigorated on behalf of our Nation.

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With love, Ariella Bracha



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