Aliyah Now!

This could be you! Don't just watch the video! Get in touch with Nefesh b'Nefesh, Jewish Agency or any other aliyah agency, grab your ONE WAY ticket home, and join us now.      

Mazel tov to the 64 new Olim making Aliyah Today

"I'm a Jew and I've always dreamed about making aliyah to Israel, my home--and at home you always feel safe," from one of the new olim about to make her home in Be'er Sheva. Truly an inspiration to us all!  

Six English-Speaking Olim win Bonei Zion Award for Outstanding Contributions to Israel

Congratulations to the six olim recently honored with the 2014 Bonei Zion Award. They are: Joseph Gitler, founder of Leket, an anti-hunger and food bank non-profit, Rebbetzin Malka Bina, who founded Matan College, Yossi Abramowitz, a renewable energy entrepreneur, Dr. Jeffrey Hosdorf, Professor at Tel Aviv University and Sourasky Medical Center, Ya'akov Kirschen, a comic... Continue Reading →

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