Six English-Speaking Olim win Bonei Zion Award for Outstanding Contributions to Israel

Congratulations to the six olim recently honored with the 2014 Bonei Zion Award. They are: Joseph Gitler, founder of Leket, an anti-hunger and food bank non-profit, Rebbetzin Malka Bina, who founded Matan College, Yossi Abramowitz, a renewable energy entrepreneur, Dr. Jeffrey Hosdorf, Professor at Tel Aviv University and Sourasky Medical Center, Ya’akov Kirschen, a comic illustrator, and Nira Lee, a participant in the IDF Lone Soldier program.

Rabbi Yehoshua Foss, Co-Founder of the aliyah agency Nefesh b’Nefesh, said that they had three reasons for creating the Bonei Zion Award: ” …we wanted prospective olim in the Diaspora to see that individuals can truly thrive, excel, succeed, and accomplish after their Aliyah…second we wanted the greater Israeli public to see the impact and influence of the Anglo oleh population…and thirdly, simply, hakarat hatov–gratitude.

Click on the link below to read the full story. We hope this will be an inspiration to you to come soon on Aliyah and become a part of the rich fabric of Olim building up the Land.


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