Aliyah & Rosh HaShana: Their Commonalities and Connectors

Aliyah & Rosh HaShana: Their Commonalities and Connectors By Ariella Bracha Waldinger Every change in perspective creates a new beginning just as every new beginning creates a change of perspective. I love new beginnings and the feeling of a new start. I also appreciate and value a change in perspective, as new and relevant information... Continue Reading →

The Pain and Pleasure of Teshuva

TOUCHING SPIRITUAL LIGHTNING: THE PAIN AND PLEASURE OF TESHUVA By Ariella Bracha Waldinger In our monthly Rosh Chodesh gathering of women at our home recently, the question was asked, "What is teshuvah?" In Jewish tradition, teshuva is translated as a return to the original state of balance in our relationship with HaShem and our fellow... Continue Reading →

Elul, the month of transformation

The month of Elul is one of the most astonishing months of the Hebrew calendar. It is laden with the deepest, heavenly riches of powerful, transformative meaning waiting to be uncovered and utilized. Riches, in the Jewish religion, are spiritual riches which translate to spiritual power and light. Elul is called "the month of repentance,"... Continue Reading →

Shana tova v’metuka

For the New Year . . . May you enjoy your apples and honey. May you find it easy to give and receive. May you know when to surrender,and do so with grace. May you remember that some people's lives are parched dry... and be grateful for the abundance in yours. May you find beauty... Continue Reading →

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