Aliyah: Repairing Your Soul Bond to Israel

FROM SORROW TO JOY THE MONTH OF MENACHEM AV by Ariella Bracha Waldinger The month of Menachem Av contains the epitome of the dichotomy of life: extreme highs and lows.  The name of the month, Menachem Av, means the consoling father and thus we have to look for this aspect of comfort and consolation as... Continue Reading →

Inspiring Words for Tisha b’Av from Rabbi Sacks

Why So Much Suffering? by Chief Rabbi Johnathan Sacks Nine days from now Jewish communities around the world will sit in collective mourning on Tisha b’Av, the day of Jewish tears. So many tears. For the destruction of the First and Second Temples. For the defeat of the Bar Kochba rebellion. For the expulsion of... Continue Reading →

My Personal Kinah on Tisha b’Av

MY PERSONAL KINAH ON TISHA B'AV BY ARIELLA BRACHA Oh! Oh! How much deep psychic pain I feel at the indignities visited on my Beloved Holy Temple and my nation and my Holy land. How much cruelty and suffering was inflicted on both the bodies and soul consciousness of this beautiful, Divinely chosen nation that... Continue Reading →

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