Reflections on my Aliyah

Reflections on my Aliyah: The Decision, Days Leading Up to Departure, Second Thoughts, the Three Year Itch Wednesday, May 27th my husband and I left for Denver, Colorado to visit our children and grandchildren. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday that we were saying goodbye to them in order to embark on our aliyah journey... Continue Reading →

The Sheriff of Tzfat

The Legendary Saga of the Sheriff of Tzfat By Ariella Bracha This week my husband Avraham celebrated his 68th birthday and I want to honor him by sharing the legendary saga of the Sheriff of Tzfat. This story is not just a legend but a true life story of my brave husband Avraham, who knows how... Continue Reading →

The Dream Wedding

THE DREAM WEDDING Dreaming big from a Spiritual Perspective By Ariella Bracha Waldinger Who doesn't love dreaming big? Dreaming is something everyone does. I have heard it said, if you want to connect to the core of your being, you need to be a big dreamer, because dreams fill your soul and connect you to your inner self.... Continue Reading →

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