Eye on The Technion- Israel’s Institute of Technology



According to an article in the Jerusalem Post by Laura Rosbrow, The Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology, ranked sixth in the world, in a Massachusetts Institute of Technology survey that evaluated innovation and entrepreneurship in higher education institutions. The Technion scored higher than Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania and University of Michigan, all which have top ranked business programs.


The Technion, founded in 1912 long before Israel’s independence,  greatly contributed to Israel being a “start-up nation.” In the early days of its start, its graduates were helping to build the state. They developed much of the industry, including roads, highways and desalination plants. In the article, Professor Miriam Erez, associate dean of the MBA programs, explains that the school is a by-product of Israeli culture due to its entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. This spirit is fostered by the collective Israeli experience such as army and university.

She cites additional conclusions relating to strong communication skills and the fact that Israeli’s feel free to express their own ideas and even feel comfortable criticizing their own bosses. These kinds of people can be challenging but ultimately are exactly what is needed to engender the innovative and entrepreneurship spirit necessary for success.

Additionally, touting the success of Technion graduates related to the NASDAQ stock exchange: two-thirds of the 72 Israeli companies listed on the exchange either were founded by or are led by Technion graduates.  Graduates of the Institute lead nine out of the country’s ten exporting companies.

Technion graduates largely drive the annual output of the country’s electronic and software industry, which is approximately $20 billion-half of the country’s total annual exports.

In 2004, the Technion started an entrepreneurial center with only one course. This coming fall, there will be 17 courses and the students will be able to pursue a minor in entrepreneurship. Technion also offers an International MBA in English with a similar focus on start-ups. Alongside courses, they offer assistance to early-stage entrepreneurs in developing business ideas. The Technion is a main supplier of engineers and innovation in Israel. It is no coincidence that Google, Yahoo, Apple, IBM and Intel have offices in Haifa where the Technion is located. Their intent is to recruit graduates.

Technion graduates’ technological accomplishments, to name a few, are: development of Intel’s 8087 microprocessor, simulation software for unmanned drone aircraft, text messaging, drip irrigation, the disk on keys, and the Arrow defense system.  In the last eight years, three Technion faculty members have won Nobel Prizes.

We are Blessed to have such an incredible Institute of Higher Learning in our small but powerful country.  We should take great Pride in all their successes and accomplishments as it benefits our nation and the world.



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