More reasons to make aliyah now

More Reasons to Make Aliyah Now

Here is a beautiful list of  evidence that the Land is Blooming and ready for all Yidden to come Home!

Taken from blog post by Reb Gutman on Mystical Paths

No need to wait any longer. We’ll keep the light on for you.


Facts today:

– The land is no longer vacant. More Jews live in Israel than in any other country in the world.

– Life expectancy in Israel is longer than in any other country where Jews are found in number, and has one of the highest life expectancy at birth in the world ranking 8 out 224 in 2009.

– Israelis are happier than most people in other developed countries.

– The economy is more stable in Israel than in most other developed countries and ranks 16 of 187 of world nations UN Development index.

– Israel ranks 47 out of 194 nations in the Annual Standard of Living Index[i]

– Real Estate prices are steadily increasing.

– Homes in Jerusalem are very expensive.

– Whereas the Land was almost barren for thousands of years, today Israel is a major exporter of fruit.

– G-d calls Israel a land of milk and honey. He loves this Land. He called the land “good” many times. It is not only physically good, it is spiritually good, particularly for the Jewish people.

You do not have to be a great mystic to feel the holiness of this place. Over and over again tourists ask me, “How can I maintain this feeling of holiness when I leave Israel?” The holiness is evident here. You feel it by just walking around and breathing the air.

The call to come home is becoming more and more apparent. Hashem always hides His plans to allow Jews to still have free will. If He would openly announce, “All Jews come home now,” their coming home would not give them much merit. So He does it in a hidden way. But now the facts are showing. His secret is not so secret anymore. We see the Redemption is happening right now.


[i] International Living Magazine 2010


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