Make Aliyah to the Negev

Make Aliyah to the Negev

The Negev is blooming, and we are not talking about plants!

Israel’s most innovative technologies are being born in Israel’s Negev, home to some of the most beautiful landscape in the country. For instance, check out this story about OCSiAI, an international nanotechnology manufacturer, with offices in South Korea, Russia, US, Germany and the UK. Next stop—Israel’s Negev. OCSiAI’s new plant in the Negev will bring at least 300 new jobs to the region. Who knows? A job could be waiting for you!

When considering Aliyah, be sure to check out the Negev and the many friendly communities springing to life there. Employment opportunities are abundant and improving weekly.

Contact Nefesh b’Nefesh about the “GoSouth” program and start packing today.


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