Living in Israel: What Is It Really Like?

free_israel_photos_places_modiin_1920Living in Israel: What Is It Really Like?
Part One

By Ariella Bracha Waldinger

The question I am most frequently asked when I visit America is, “What is it like living in Israel?”  The question itself is deep and probing and touches upon many components. At best, I will strive to answer it through insights, stories, experiences and information.

For some basic information about living in our homeland, I want to direct you to an informative website from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor: Go under the heading Information for Investors and click on Living in Israel. It touches upon many aspects of living in Israel and is quite interesting and comprehensive.

What is it like to live in Israel?

I asked my 70 year old friend Dorit, “What’s it is like for you to live in Israel?” She said the following,

”For me it is a dream come true. I was about five years old when I heard the “Big People” talking (1948) about there finally being a STATE OF ISRAEL. I could not understand why we were not there. So, I have fulfilled my greatest wish, as I made Aliyah at age 59. It’s not easy, but it’s good, very good. My heart bursts with Jewish pride. I miss my family very much and to my sorrow no one has followed me, but as I tell people, someone has to be first.”

“I cannot imagine living anywhere else. In fact, the thought leaves me cold….shivering. Israel is the Jewish Homeland, and we must fill it with Jewish People. Where else do you sit around the Shabbat table and talk Torah in the land of the Torah? Where else can you hear words of Torah from your taxi driver? Where else do you see holy Jewish children along with men and women of all flavors jump up or reach up to kiss the Mezzuzah as they enter the bank, post office, supermarket and most every other building? Where else can one live a full and complete Jewish life including living by the Jewish calendar and holidays?”

She continued,

“Our streets, with Jewish names, are filled with Jewish Songs, praying and thanking G-d for the privilege of living in the land HE gave to us so long ago. We are constantly exposed to memorials of fallen Jewish heroes and gravesites of the most famous and holy Jews of our ancient and modern history. We are inundated with Shuls both ancient and modern. Shabbat Eve reverberates with the joy of Shabbat preparations. In the Land, a variety of Jews gather for festivals, outings, parades, and marches—young and old, rich and poor. We come from all walks of life, undivided by social barrier or level of observance. All mix of Jews live in the Land: Ethiopian, Russian, European, American, Spanish, and French etc. We are children of the same Divine parent and we all share the Land of our sacred home in order to fulfill our divine, sacred mission.”

Aliyah was the best decision of my life. As I experience daily the life of a Jew in the Land, I feel sorry that I did not come sooner. I also feel sorry for Jews that are not here to experience all the innate pleasures embedded in life in the Land. And of course, being surrounded by our brothers and sisters, like-minded and diverse Jewish Souls, is the biggest bonus. Dorit says, “Come on Home and fulfill your destiny now.” Dorit is one of many Jews who feel “THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO PLACE LIKE HOME!”

Friends, there is no better time than now to Come Home and experience for yourself what it is like “LIVING IN ISRAEL” the Divine Birthright of the Jewish people. Add your own story to the ongoing story of G-ds beloved nation in The Holy Land.

With continued blessings for revealed good, health, joy and love, Ariella Bracha
















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