Yom HaZikaron: The Sacred Privilege of Awareness By Ariella Bracha Waldinger I never knew anything about Yom HaZikaron when I was living in America. The 4th of Iyar had no relevance to my life. I lived by the American calendar not the Jewish calendar. But thank G-d, since coming home to our nation’s divinely ordained... Continue Reading →

Yom HaZikaron – Memorial Day

Fallen Soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces Today marks the Memorial Day for the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces who have fallen in the line of duty. We shall now publish the following remarks (with some additional explanations) which were made by Maran Rabbeinu Ovadia Yosefzt”l approximately thirty years ago at a Memorial Day... Continue Reading →

A Tzfat Resident Reflects on Yom HaZikaron

A Tzfat Resident Reflects on Yom HaZikaron by Binyamin I would like share with you some of my thoughts and feelings. The last couple of days here in Israel have been heart-wrenching. The whole nation stops to remember the beloved 23,169 soldiers and terror victims that we have lost. Every Jew here feels the pain so... Continue Reading →

The flag in our garden

THE FLAG IN OUR GARDEN By Ariella Bracha Waldinger THE FLAG IN OUR GARDEN The flag in our garden is shredded and torn Like the hearts of so many Jews The Jews who live in the Land The ones who love the white and blue. The Jews who lost their loved ones In the fight... Continue Reading →

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