The flag in our garden


By Ariella Bracha Waldinger



The flag in our garden is shredded and torn

Like the hearts of so many Jews

The Jews who live in the Land

The ones who love the white and blue.

The Jews who lost their loved ones

In the fight for our nation to be free

In the land flowing with our lifeblood

The place given you and me.

Our ancient biblical homeland

The Land of the white and blue

The only place on earth where a Jew can be loyal and true

True to his biblical heritage

True to his G-d the King

True to his soul and his spirit where all of his gifts he can bring

to share with his holy nation

The nation of white and blue

the only place  on earth where he can be a true Jew.

I now feel the losses of my people

As I live in the Land of the free

The nation who reclaimed its sovereignty

On the day G-d made it to be

The 5th of  the month of Iyar

The Month of healing and light

During a time when the darkness of oppression had made the days feel like night

We call it Divine intervention

We call it a miraculous gift

We call it the power of G-ds mercy

And it gave our nation a lift

And restored us to our greatness

In the land of the white and blue

Where we can now serve G-d in gratitude

And to our Holy nation in our Holy Land be forever true!



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