Aliyah b’Simcha

The road to aliyah keeps getting smoother and smoother!!

Aliyah b’Simcha, under the direction of Eric Wiseberg, gives potential olim an alternative to the large aliyah infrastructure of Nefesh b’Nefesh. Concentrating on building olim communities in Binyamin, Yehuda and the Shomrom, and working with small groups of families, Aliyah b’Simcha will take you from pilot trip to immersion in your new home. Wiseberg works hard to ensure aliyah success by placing families in communities where there is a strong, welcoming infrastructure already in place to help you with the initial challenges of adjusting to your return home. The areas of Binyamin/Yehuda/Shomrom are some of the most beautiful in Israel. The communities are perfect for families looking to live in nature, with room to grow, for peace, quiet and beauty, and for the opportunity to build an everlasting bond with our eternal homeland.IMG_1295-ÿ

To find out more, listen to the Arutz 7 radio program “aliyah fever” today, 1/5/2013, 7 pm Israel time. If you miss it, no problem, you can catch it on the recording archive. And, visit their website at to secure your place in their upcoming aliyah pilot trip and to begin your trip home.


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