Rosh Chodesh – The Divine Blessings of the new month




Rosh Chodesh, (the new month) of Sivan begins Thursday night the 9th of May. Rosh Chodesh is a very unique and auspicious time of the month, as it ushers in the new Hebrew month, along with all the Divine powers embedded in the multi-dimensional aspects of the month. In the Kabbalistic book,”Sefer Yetzirah,” each month of the Jewish year has a corresponding color, Hebrew letter, zodiac sign, one of the twelve tribes, a sense and a controlling organ or limb. Through these extraordinary elements we can tap into the Divine channels of blessings that are alive and flowing during the month. These deep insights allow us to gain access to the deeper dimension of time and space present in the precious gift of Rosh Chodesh.

Rosh Chodesh, and counting the months was the very first commandment HaShem gave to the Jewish people to perform while still in Egypt. Imagine how extraordinarily special the Jewish nation must have felt as G-d, Himself gave them the responsibility to create a unique Jewish calendar. This enormous commandment indicates our responsibility to take charge of shaping reality as G-d’s chosen nation.

The Jewish calendar is based on the lunar cycle and the Jewish nation has been compared to the moon which waxes and wanes. The idea of renewal is fundamental to Judaism. This symbolism is a powerful metaphor for our ability to rise up after tremendous turmoil and untold challenges to come into the light of renewed strength and power. Just as the moon illuminates darkness, so the Jewish nation strives mightily to shine the light of Torah into the world and to always feel confident (like the moon) that we will “RISE AND SHINE AGAIN IN ALL OUR RADIANT GLORY AS G-D’S CHOSEN NATION…G-d guarantees it. 

Rosh Chodesh in the Holy Temple time was primarily about the additional mussaf offerings. These offerings were meant to bring atonement. Atonement is the chance to begin again and to improve ourselves and our lives through self examination and refinement. When we honor these opportunities that HaShem gave us by utilizing the day and creating a sacred connection to it, we essentially bring an offering to The Temple.

Residing in Eretz Yisrael, in The Palace of The King and living according to our G-d given Jewish calendar, engenders a deeper awareness of life as a Jew on every level, especially in the realm of time and space. Since “COMING INTO THE LIGHT OF ALIYAH”, I am constantly becoming more aware of the distinct and dynamic G-dly messages embedded in the name and Divine attributes of the months. These deeper meanings once tapped into can be mined for their rich beauty and wisdom. It is incumbent upon us as Jews to contemplate the significance of each aspect of time and space as the new month arrives precisely so we can glean its messages. Remember HaKadosh Baruch Hu is communicating to us in the messages and meanings of the Months.

Additionally, Rosh Chodesh is a holiday for women. It was their reward for not participating in the sin of the Golden calf. Here In Eretz HaKodesh, there are many beautiful gatherings to celebrate and honor Rosh Chodesh. The gatherings stir within us feelings of sisterhood, love, laughter, sacredness and the joy of sharing. Enlightened women bringing enlightening Torah to enliven our senses introduces the month with great honor and joy.

I Bless you to become sensitive to Jewish time and space dimensions especially Rosh Chodesh. I Bless you to align yourself with the added dimensions of sanctity and renewal hidden in the symbolic gems of insight of the month. I Bless you to make time for yourself personally, or to attend a woman’s event that stirs your soul powers. Better yet, create a beautiful, meaningful, artistic event for the entrance of this time, a space of opportunity for you and your friends.

Sending wishes for a beautiful, bright, inspired new month filled with renewal and hope, as we enter into the month of Sivan, the month of the giving of the TORAH. May we receive it with great desire, happiness and humility.

With Love, Ariella Bracha Waldinger


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