More options for your Aliyah

Not everyone is ready for an Adventure!

In my opinion, aliyah is about coming home to the Land HaShem gave us, to build it up, to integrate, settle and become Israeli. Therefore, I choose to live in the north, in the Holy City of Tveria, on the shores of the Kinneret. Tveria is definitely a growing, modernizing and beautiful city, but authentically Israeli, with virtually no American influence, and definitely not an American lifestyle. The city is ancient, home of the Sanhedrin during the times of the Roman persecution (actually, almost the entire Yerushalmi Talmud was written here). You have to look far and wide to find an American product in the grocery stores (unless you shlep to Rami Levi, where you can find everything under the sun). Yet, at the same time, many new olim from English-speaking countries are arriving and adding to the beautiful kehila of our special city. But, it is not the place for everyone.

Don’t despair and stay where you are! If you haven’t already heard about this new residential project, then check out this video.

A new community will soon spring up, just outside of Yerushalayim, which is sure to make your absorption much easier. Nofei Israel is a planned community of elegant apartment homes, parks, synagogues, schools and all the amenities that you are enjoying in the galut. So, now there is no excuse! You can come home and move back into the bedroom from your childhood, or you can come home and build an entirely new house… either choice is perfectly fine. Staying where you are… is not.



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