The Sound of the Siren on the 27th of Nisan



 On the 27th of Nisan,

 A siren sounds in Israel to alert us to:

Two short minutes of silence,

 To commemorate the death of millions.

The sound causes one to JUMP TO ATTENTION,

When it begins its two minute scream.

Understanding what it represents,

The shrill shriek of the siren

  Penetrates the heart like a poison arrow

Dealing a deadly blow!

Its repetitive wailing symbolizes the pain and suffering of millions of bodies and souls.

 And powerful emotions spill out in a flood Psychic memories!

And then the sound of the shrill siren slowly fades away……… or does it?

In the Holy Land, we are reminded of the symbolism behind the sound of the siren.

 How the men and women who came to Israel and their herculean efforts brought forth new life from the unbearable crucible called the Holocaust.

Its burning embers of pain and suffering empowered the survivors, who chose to come to The Land of Israel, the Land they called HOME.

The Land called HOME cradled them in its bosom,

And nourished them with the milk of renewed purpose and meaning,

To rebuild and create: towns and cities, military, industry, economy, art, and music and to fight with all their might, which they did wholeheartedly.

And they felt their life force returning, as they helped to forge their nation in their ancient homeland.

And the miracle of the sound of the Siren on the 27th of Nisan became a central component of Israel’s National identity.

Forged from a group of battered and bleeding immigrants who profoundly made an enormous impact on their beloved Nation.

And so fully participated in charting Israel’s course towards Redemption and Freedom!

May all Jews merit to hear and understand the sound of the Siren and what it means to our nation today. And may it move us forward to action on behalf of our nation like the survivors.

 With Love and Blessings for health and well-being, Ariella Bracha



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